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The Revive Co.

The Experts In Reviving A New You

Germaine De Capuccini

Body Massage Treatments

Germaine Body Massage Treatments

All body treatments start with relaxation breathing inhaling your chosen oil, a warm Pinda Ritual to fully relax you and finishes with warm towel neck stretches and your choice of “Fragrance of Germaine”.

Aromatic Anti-Stress Massage

£32.00 30 minutes / £42.00 60 minutes

Indulge in a beautiful, aromatherapy massage using a customised blend of aromatherapy oils to meet your needs. Choose from the following blends:

Vitality: Mandarin, Nutmeg, Lime and Italian Lemon

Relax: Lavender, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Violet and Ylang Ylang

Active: Spearmint, Clary Sage and Cinnamon Leaf

Svelte: Cedarwood, Juniper and Lavender

Aqua: Geranium, Patchouli and Coriander

Fitness Deep Tissue Massage

£35.00 30 minutes / £45.00 60 minutes

A Deep Tissue Massage using Active oil with spearmint, Clary Sage and Cinnamon Leaf to warm the muscles at a deeper level. A warming Thermo-oil is applied to those areas that need special attention. Great after exercise and for those that need something more specific

Mediterranean Candle Massage

£52.00 60 minutes

The warm oil from the candle is poured over the body for a prolonged body massage, using deep and soothing movements. This indulgent massage will ease tension whilst natural antioxidants will hydrate and nourish the skin.

Cellulite Buster

£44.00 45 minutes

An invigorating massage of the legs and buttocks. Body brushing kicks starts the treatment, followed by an exfoliation that firms the skin. A firming massage using Svelte Oil, which properties help eliminate and drain toxins as well as boost circulation. The treatment ends with an intensive Slim Shock Serum which helps reduce the "orange peel" appearance.

Revive Signature Ritual

£60.00 60 minutes

A treat for the back, face and scalp. The ritual starts with warm pinda pressures all over the body, followed by an African Baobab Scrub to the back. Tension is soothed away with an aromatic back massage using a personalised oil to suit your needs. As you continue to relax, you are treated to Vitamin C Booster Facial together with a hydrating scalp massage using GDC Organic Hair Oil of Baobab Seeds.

Revive Head to Toe Ritual

£62.00 90 minutes

This 90 minute treatment is for the total body and is customised for your exact needs. Warm Pindas relax you body and calm your mind, an aromatherapy oil selected by you to is used through out the whole ritual. You will be massaged from your scalp to your toes OR you can decide whether you want a deep tissue massage on your back for an hour and then an Indian Head Massage to finish...its up to you! Or maybe you want an invigorating leg and foot massage if you run a lot but a soothing scalp and face massage to get rid of those headaches! It is totally up to you!!! This is your time to feel revived!

African Baobab Body Exfoliation

£30.00 Full Body / £15.00 Half Body

Starting with a warming Pinda Ritual to relax you. Dead skin cells are buffed away with this nourishing scrub rich fatty acids Baobab oil and vitamins to hydrate, tone and smooth the skin. Great as an add on to any treatment. A great add on to any massage!

Love your Legs

£25.00 25 minutes

Simply the perfect treatment when the weather is warm, and you have that tired, heavy legs feeling! This treatment provides a stimulating exfoliation to the legs before you enjoy a deeply relaxing leg massage using Phytocare Tonic Oil to tone the skin. Finally, following an application of “Dreamy Legs” to make your legs feel cool, refreshed and incredibly “light”! Great after exercise, flying or pregnancy.

Holistic Therapies

Swedish Massage £27.00 25 minutes/ £37.00 50 minutes

A massage using a firm but gentle pressure to promote relaxation and ease muscle tension

Indian Head Massage £35.00 50 minutes

A distressing massage that incorporates the shoulders, neck, upper arms, scalp and face. The treatment starts with a hot towel foot cleanse and warm pinda pressure point to the whole body, warm nourishing oil is then applied and massaged into those areas that hold a lot of our tension. A hot towel is pressed on the face before specific points are worked on the face to aid clearing the treatment concludes with neck stretches.

Thermal Ear Candles £27.00 25 minutes / £37.00 45 minutes

Using linen candles covered in herbs and honey. The candles are placed into the ear, a warming and relaxation treatment that works on alleviating blockages in the sinus and ears. 

25 minute treatment

Both ears are treated one at time after which each ear is massaged.

45 minute treatment

Before the ears are treated a warming pressure point massage to the whole body starts the treatment. After both ears have been treated with the candles a hot towel compress is applied to the face and a therapeutic pressure point massage is carried out on the face and scalp to relieve more congestion and tension. This can be with or without oil. Treatment concludes with neck stretches.

Please read the aftercare advice on the website. READ HERE


All prices are subject to change without notice.